Gather raw data across different ad networks (facebook, google, twitter, bing, etc.) and combine them into unified tables and charts, users can view them online, download them as Excel files or received them via email.

We provide the tools to collect and compile this data, presented in easy-to-understand graphs and charts, that help you make better choices in less time.

The first challenge in online advertisement is the sheer number of… numbers. In any advertisement campaign, the numbers rule everything. Impressions, clicks, installs, registrations, and purchases, among others, must be constantly tracked. Compiling that data in meaningful ways, to show you what works and what doesn't, is an important tool in making decisions about your money.



Based on the data gathered, we crunch the numbers to analyze performance trends and highlight them in easy-to-understand graphs.


Now that you've got the data, the next step is to make sense of it.

In order to make insightful decisions you need to dig in and discover hidden meanings in the numbers. Here we use numerous algorithms to analyze the data and answer the essential questions: Who, when, and where? What yields the best results for your money?


Whenever the trends indicates sudden changes or important events is about to happen, we notify users to pay attention to these events and give suggestions of what actions the user can take. Users can also allow us to take those actions for them automatically.

You no longer have to constantly monitoring the numbers to be able to react in case of changes.

Changes can happen at any moment. Our 24-hour automated monitoring ensures you can stay on top of an ever-evolving market. We keep you aware of price and performance changes, ad fatigue, and budget status.


Managing / Tuning

We provide tools to simplify the process of creating and maintaining ads and audiences.

We can reallocate the budget and bid price automatically based on the ads performance trend.

Not only can we provide suggestions on what actions to take to obtain the best performance, we can take those actions on your behave automatically at the most appropriated moment. We offer budget and bid price adjustments, discontinuation of ads that don't perform well, and replacement of these ads with ones that do better.

We believe there's always a simpler way.

We provide tools to streamline the process of ad management, from creation to promotion and beyond.