Cross Network Dashboard For
Your Ad Campaigns.

Analyze and Optimize Your Online Ad Campaigns In One Place.

Let your data talk to you and advice for your web and social strategy.

Gain a deeper understanding of your data immediately to make sure you always get the greatest rewards from your advertising budget.


Get the most out of your time and data.

Discovery the hidden treasures buried in your data in seconds!

Unlock your genius

Gain real-time data and advice for your web and social strategy, analyze and monitor your performance, publish and schedule your social content. It only takes a question.



Gather raw data across different ad networks (facebook, google, twitter, bing, etc.) and  combine them into unified tables and charts,  users can view them online, download them as Excel files or received them via email.



We provide tools to simplify the process of creating and maintaining ads and audiences.



Based on the data gathered, we crunch the numbers to analyze performance trends and highlight them in easy-to-understand graphs.



We can reallocate the budget and bid price automatically based on the ads performance trend, allowing the budget to be spent on the most effective time, area, networks, and audiences (age and gender, interest groups, etc).



Whenever the trends indicates sudden changes or important events is about to happen, we notify users to paid attention to these events and give suggestions of what actions the user can take. Users can also allow us to take those actions for them automatically.

Create, Organize and Share reports with your team to make the right decision.


With our custom dashboards and cross channel analytics, you get visual stats for your campaigns at the click of a button. We do all the analysis so that you can focus on running your business than spending time on making spreadsheets.

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